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Economic growth and the increase in the world population cause the earth’s resources to be depleted at great speed. Water, soil, air, and ecosystem services are vital to our quality of life and health, but they are limited resources.

Organizations as entities of change have to know how to manage their resources more efficiently, generate more value using fewer materials, and consume differently.

What are we looking for?

Solutions that assist companies consume resources more efficiently.

Examples of solutions to look for:

  • Optimization of energy consumption in manufacturing plants.
  • Energy efficiency solutions.
  • CO2 capture and transformation.
  • Recycling of “Critical Raw Materials”.
  • New water treatments (where the water’s presence is formed of cooling oils, iron oxide husk, and other toxic substances).
  • Solutions to quantify the environmental footprint in the supply chain.
  • Solutions (simple and integrable with existing systems) for real-time monitoring of the energy consumed by type of use: offices, production, workshops, etc., and CO₂ translation.
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