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The amount, complexity, and relevance of data handled by companies have been continuously increasing exponentially. This data stored by companies can contain valuable information such as buying and selling activities, market analysis, ideas for future technological innovations, customer or employee information, etc.

Currently, confidential information is one of the most valuable assets of organizations, which is why the importance of its management and protection.

Since 2020, after the rise of remote work caused by the pandemic, companies have been more susceptible to security incidents, which makes it necessary for companies to properly manage data.

What are we looking for?

Solutions that help enterprises have better data management.

Examples of solutions to look for:

  • Data Management Solutions.
  • Predictive model solutions.
  • Predictive maintenance of facilities (digital).
  • Robust vision and simulation technologies for the industry.
  • Solutions to catalog data assets and characterize them with meta-data.
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