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We cannot ignore how people’s health is affected by the impact of the environment, mostly in cities, with pollution and waste. The existence of sustainable communities is vital and this is highlighted by the United Nations in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Organizations must adapt their strategic objectives and operation for a sustainable planet; this will generate the construction of a city with better conditions for society and centered on the well-being of the whole world.

What are we looking for?

Solutions that allow companies to have a better impact on cities and improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.

Examples of solutions to look for:

  • Mobility with air quality
  • Comprehensive management solutions for Mobility as a Service
  • Liveable City models
    • Solutions to transmit to the client the differentiation regarding the sustainability of the company and services.
  • Software development and implementation to analyze the Life Cycle Analysis of products and services and to measure the global impact of the activities of companies.
  • Software development and implementation to make “Environmental Product Declarations” so that environmental impacts can be compared between products using a standard methodology between companies.
  • Software development to define simulation models of “scenario cities” and mobility with the aim of calculating the CO₂, NOC, and PM emissions that are derived.
  • Solutions to collect the different impact indicators to the “Liveable City” model: sustainable mobility, air quality, security, public spaces, citizen participation…
  • Micromobility solutions integrated with public transport.
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